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Sodo by a Member of my site

A good meeting with a premium member

Sodo by a Member of my site

Today I will tell you about my meeting, which you are all waiting for, the one with Julien who, like you, is a member of my site! I wanted to do the test and see if I could be closer to you by randomly drawing a member 1 month out of 2. In june was “Julien” a super Parisian, rather cute and well-hung. I must say, I assure you, that if it falls on you next time and you are afraid or too shy …. which would be a real shame… Because I’ve been Sodo by a Member of my site

I wouldn’t rob you! I would simply pull another premium member of the site!

So you want suremknow how this meeting was organized?

It was pretty simple and quick. I sent an email to Julian via the member area of the site telling him that he was the randomly drawn member and that, if he wished, I would be delighted to meet him!

At the time he did not believe it too lol … I had to remind him of the 3 or 4 videos trio and videos “fuck with fans” so that he ends up re-tlising! Indeed, he had the opportunity to meet me if he wanted to and that we wanted tothat there would necessarily be something! Nevertheless I knew that he would eventually enjoy in one way or another lol.

So we set together an ideal week with an arrival date that was this Saturday, July 1st exactly at 4pm at the guy, from Toulouse!

We both drink a shot in the bar“100 Genoa not far from the train station” just to make more ample acquaintance and laugh a little and I admit that the laughs fuses and that the feeling goes rather well …

He takes the opportunity a little to get me on my videos and sexual fantasies! “but without grudges;) “ Immediately after we separated, Julien went to him to prepare and make himself beautiful in his hotel room and me at home to meet at 8:30 p.m. at the restaurant where he had invited me to IBAR, a lounge restaurant in Toulouse.

We still had a nice time both full of naughty discussions not to say naughty :p that made me rather want to continue the evening so I offered to follow me home well on him as I knew or it went to bring us!

So once arrived, a small glass of wine, three looks rather insistent see perverse and he already had a hand on my ass! Julien was hard and hot before I even got close to him I could see the bump of his jeans getting bigger and bigger and that, that exquotes at the most to the point I love seeing the tails grow under the jeans!!

I was very wanting, very hot for hours at the restaurant my was wetting in my panties I hastened to remove her and undo her belt, unbutton her jeans to finally discover my toy that was already really hard with beautiful rib as I like them.

He then put me savagely on a piece of furniture to finger me and lick my little no better than a girl but it’s well done by the way. Of course I then knelt down to taste this beautiful deliciously and deeply! and I offered to join me in the chair where I did something to him that made him fantasize, the “footjob” I told you that we had discussed our fantasmes is no longer one for Julien :p to the next… Laughing out loud

for the rest it was really very hot for about fifteen minutes I offered him my little pussy and my ass with which I must say that he had fun and yes as you all asked me (Kat he fucked you? he sodoyou?) and to believe the pictures it would seem that yes!!

Proof in video below for subscribers!

I’m thinking of making a trio this time, so if you like it don’t forget to come and read the article of the next meeting with a fan!

The rest of the article and the video this finds below for premium members good jerk my darlings


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