Orgasm on the terrace of a café

I enjoy on the terrace of a café with my Womanizer 2GO offered by espacelibido.com

My new lipstick gives me an Orgasm on the terrace of a café!
Cuckoo my rascans,
Orgasm on the terrace of a café
Today I am writing this article because Tuesday I received a great gift that I was kindly offered by the site Espacelibido “the latest Womanizer 2Go”having already had the first womanizer and the womanizer pro I was in a hurry to test it!

And to combine pleasure and madness I did not just do it in my bed or sofa to test it as a “sex toy tester what I am not” because there are beautiful girls for that … but as an inexcusable Exhibitionist that I am… so of course on a coffee terrace 😂!

And yes this little play gave me an orgasm on a coffee terrace! Wondering where he is in the photo? to tell the truth it looks like a big lipstick… not too real but the effect is there! I find it really pretty for my taste and very girly not to mention its practical side … :p

While I’m sitting waiting, So I put the Womanizer 2GO on the table, the waiter puts my coffee and the rest next to my toy without paying attention even though I saw that he found this “lipstick” huge … Laughing out loud!

Orgasm on the terrace of a caféSo I decide to take my new sex toy under the table to put it against my clitoris,I’m lucky it’s silent. So I take the moment to feel the vibrations of this toy against my open pussy as if a man was making me a cunnilingus under the coffee table where I was sitting.

This little solitary pleasure was not going to be inconsequential because I know it is reputed to reach orgasm pretty quickly! It was an opportunity for me to test the veracity of the Womanizer 2GO.

In your opinion tests positive? I feel it vibrate against my pussy that I open with my Orgasm on the terrace of a café wet fingers by my wet and lets it against my clito inflated under the vibrations of this lipstick that just wants me to enjoy. I can’t make any noise so as not to arouse suspicion yet I suggest a few moans as my breathing accelerates!

OOOhhhh yes!!! I reached orgasm on a coffee terrace with my 2GO womanizer and this in a few minutes thank you Espacelibido.com!

You liked this article… think about commenting on it and if you want to give this gift to your sweetheart go it is chic, enjoyable and that I prove it to you in video!

Direct link of the Womanizer 2GB at Espacelibido.com Or visit my whislist Espacelibido.com

Kisses my rasps

Kat Aluna


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