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Kat Aluna on the cover of Wyylde Magazine

Kat Aluna on the cover of Wyylde Magazine

24H stuck to Kat Alùna’s buttocks

Cuckoo my loves,

I’m writing this article today to make you live my crazy day that appears in Wyylde magazine on Friday, September 1! As you know, I like to share with you my emotions and my important moments on a daily basis and Kat Alùna on the cover of Wyylde magazine is one of them.

I’ll also make you enjoy thebackstage,much cooler backstage photos “lol”.

What you haven’t seen in the mag.Kat Aluna on the cover of Wyylde Magazine

On August 12th a rough long day begins let’s go! I experienced a day ofs hooting photo that took place at home and outdoors in the company of a professional photographer, Mathieu Bounty a superb person with a little grain of madness (as I like). What could be better than an article that retraces my day entitled 24H stuck to kat Alùna’s buttocks…


Kat Aluna on the cover of Wyylde Magazine

9:00 a.m.: Arrival of the photographer at breakfast… Yes I’m on my phone sharing my first morning photo! As every day for some time already you can follow my news on social networks like twitter, instagram … It is a real pleasure for me to make you enjoy every moment.



After an hour of sports, I go home after a little shower. I go to my office to start by“checker”,check and respond to my emails, notifications, various and varied requests. I also take the opportunity to work on my weekly coaching on my CAM4mailbox. Being the Coach France for women and couples of the site, I try to help and advise the camgirls as best as possible.


I’m finished working… Small“Make up”in my bathroom before going out with my partner!

I am a fan of private parties I admit but before I go out for a drink so evening dress obliges!Kat Aluna on the cover of Wyylde Magazine

Did you want to enter my privacy? Well, that’s it! You will be able to live with me a typical day:My Sport, My Social Networks, My Public Shows,My Coachings and My Outings…

I really hope you enjoy this article… The photos in the article are not those of the magazine and little bonus behind the scenes photo!


The photos of the magazine were taken by Mathieu Bounty, professional photographer from Lyon.

Thank you to as well as Sabrina and Clement (Editor of the article) for your confidence.

Mathieu Bounty for his work as a photographer.

Kat Aluna on the cover of Wyylde Magazine

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