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carzy squirt Squirt

Huge Squirt in a guy’s car!

A female orgasm in front of passing cars!

Cuckoo my rascans,

  Fancy a new anecdote, filmed of course? I make a huge Squirt in a guy’s car!
I find myself in a friend’s car, which is driving to him, to my delight because I had very Huge Squirt in a guy's car!want to caress me.
I take off my pants, my thong… and starts to tickle my clitoris to excite me while it looks at me.

  Seeing through his jeans that he began to bandage like a bull… my excitement becomes intense, my moans resonate in my friend’s car.

  He caresses his cock and opens his fly with his eyes riveted on my legs and my pussy already all wet.

All my desires jostle in my head, we come across cars that watch me through the windshield with my legs spread while my fingers come and go in my vagina.

I love to show off but to go even further, my friend who can more stops in a small parking lot and continues
Yes, my seat also you heard right!!!

Mmmmm I can’t take it anymore, I want to film myself while I finger myself even harder, my is soaked and the seat enjoy!

I feel my orgasm mounted when I enjoy, I feel my squirt arrive but I no longer control anything the enjoyment is too intense.
I get out of the car to enjoy the view of passing cars…. but it’s too good!

The entire video is 14 minutes long!

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Whole video for you my darling premiums 😉 big kisses

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